“All can be done!”

Creativity matters in every part of the work progress.

In addition to creative work, also in brief writing, project management or deciding where to place a used tea bag and in everything else.

One of the most convenient ways to blow up creativity is to say about an idea that reaches out of the ordinary borders: ” It cannot be done.”

But how not to do things – anyone is good at it. In our business we need to figure out how things can be d o n e.

My strengths

Peace? Once an incident took place, after which a longtime colleague of mine exclaimed from the other room in shock: ‘’Wait a minute, what? M a d i s raised his voice? ” It was really a very rare occasion!


Others say

“Lighthearted playfulness and endless youthfulness of Madis allow him to skillfully identify with the work ordered (for example, the yellow Minions from the 2013 blockbuster “Despicable Me 2″), to enjoy his work and its brilliant results, which, in turn, are appreciated by his customers and the enjoyers of the final result. Inside the otherwise so academic and restrained shell is a real master, who knows how to turn up the corners of others’ mouths, and make them listen to him with interest.”

– Mari Kits, Marketing Manager of Forum Cinemas
– Siim Rohtla, Distribution Manager of Forum Cinemas


“The saying – Still waters run deep – applies to Madis, it means that Madis is not obtrusive and talkative, but always has his own opinion and is concrete. Collaboration is always smooth, easy, fast and productive. One meeting is enough for him to understand exactly what is needed. I am convinced that the Children’s Foundation campaigns have ‘’Madis’s face’’ because he has practically been the creator of them all.”

– Küllike Saar, Member of the Board Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation