“Be happy and shine!”

Team, team and once again team, where each member is willing to give a maximum contribution, is the basis for everything. And trust, support and an adequate portion of critical mind have to prevail in the team.

The best result in our work is achieved with the ability to make generalisations and see what is important as well as to remain firmly grounded on our two feet.

We offer the best of the best to our clients, keeping up with what is most important to us: precision in details as well as deadlines and maximum quality.

My strength

I am good at creating the right mood to inspire people to perform well at their jobs. I am joyful enough and tough enough.



Others say

“ANU UUEMÕIS – a bright star in the media sky. Media business, so easy from one side: we all watch TV, read newspapers, visit Internet; and so complicated from the other side: reach, share, frequency, GRP, TRP, affinity index… Anu has the ability to explain complicated things in a way that is understandable to everyone and at the same time to provide the client with the media solution suitable exactly for the client’s profile. Anu smiles brightly also during the most stressful times, her capability to deal with stress is amazing. Anu has a feminine way of finding the right solutions also in the most perplex situations, an ability to remain calm and always represent her clients’ interests in the utmost way. Anu leads her team with a positive personal example and a former small media department of an advertising agency has grown into one of the Estonian leading and largest media agencies.”

 – Anne Linnamägi, ex-Advertising Director of Kanal2

  • Anu Uuemõis

    CEO, MediaBroker

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  • Brands

    I have close to 20 years of experience in the media business and during this period I have cooperated with an astonishing amount of both domestic as well as global brands.