“I never work alone.”

Ability to listen to the critics. This is actually a thought by John Maeda that my own experience has confirmed. A capability, that gives a competitive advantage difficult to beat, is the ability to find with a clear head and cold stomach some constructive criticism also from a destructive insult.

A quote from a blockbuster sounds like this: ”I’m Sherlock Holmes and I always work alone, because no one else can compete with my massive intellect!” In case I should rewrite this for being true about myself, then, it should be written like: “…I never work alone…”.

My strength

Every time we have looked at the challenges ahead of us against a wider background and have exceeded expectations, success has followed.



Others say

“Estonian Design Centre has worked together with Ionel for many years already in the frames of various trainings and workshops as well as Design Vedur and Design bulldozer projects. And we shall definitely continue as Ionel has an astonishingly wide view of the world and knowledge that goes far beyond just design or culture. As a good communicator, visual thinker and inspiring personality, Ionel can get even the most skeptical person believe in his ideas and think along with him.”

– Maris Takk, Communication Manager at Estonian Design Centre

  • Ionel Lehari

    Creative Director, Identity

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  • Brands

    Honda, Jacobs, Gevalia, Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Hansapank, Liviko, Rakvere, Kalev, Solaris, SEBE, Comarket, Nortal and many others. Today I work with the future celebrities who have not bee born yet.