Cooperation. Consistency. Dedication to goals. Diligence.

Synergy is what enables impossible to become possible and unprecedented to become reality. Consistency, dedication and diligence make impossible things happen. You should never limit creativity. The best solutions are born in cooperation.

My strengths

Being sky-high.

Big ideas.

Never accepting the easiest obvious solution.

Creativity. Flight of fantasy.

Perception of the wholeness.

Lehari Kaustel 2
Lehari Kaustel

Others say

“It was a party of the century! An unforgettable experience. The story of our company was so professionally put together into an engaging show! People recall that night until today and are looking forward to the next anniversary.”

– Eva Keinast, Eesti Gaas

“The way you put the show together is first rate. And the back stage was at top level. The way you care for the artists makes them feel good. You deserve your name – Royal Service!”

– Rauno Märks, DJ

  • Lehari Kaustel

    Producer, Royal Experience

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  • Brands

    SEB, Eesti Gaas, Reformierakond, DHL, Tridens, Selveri Köök, Compensa, Veski Mati, DAF