“Symbiosis of the best.”

Cooperation of specialists with rich experience gives good preconditions to manage today’s marketing communication.

New symbiosis and points of emphasis of different knowledge, skills and experience guarantee the birth of fresh solutions.

I know people

I know people – the top ones in their field, to whom I shall direct clients fast. Client receives the best solution by uniting this knowledge, skills and experience in order to fulfill his needs and achieve his goals.

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Others say

“I like Madis’s intuition to recognise the right moments, people, situations and cooperation partners. And to keep these components together. He sees peoples’ strengths and knows how to make them work, he is good at taking care of people and credit them where credit is due – the latter you don’t see too often, but it is ever so important.”

– Janika Ritson, Estravel, Marketing and Communication Director / client and former colleague


“Madis is a good owner – it means being generous, not forcing oneself on others, giving people freedom to achieve results, but they choose and are capable themselves. This kind of an owner is rather an exception than a rule. Madis is also a good leader, he knows how to motivate and inspire people. He is always somewhere in the background, listens to you if needed; and gives you a new idea and direction, if you feel you have lost them. Madis is a kind of person, who ignites others while burning himself.”

– Jane Oblikas, Manager of Estonian Design Centre / client and former colleague

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    CEO, Creative Union

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