“Let's cross borders.”

First-hand communication, cooperation, crossing borders.

Our whole work is based on communication with people. Influenced by creativity, production and products. In order for the work to be fun, for people to understand each other and for the results to be 100% right for all the parties involved, you have to communicate and understand each other well. No valuable creation is born when forced and castrated, let’s cross borders and it will become a 110% valuable creation.

My strengths

I am a very open communicator and I love to do things together with people. Also, I love to be creative or help otehrs’ ideas fly. I am a very fervent employee: Give me something to do! I want to do something! VERY MUCH!


Others say

“Today’s Vurr is exactly what our ancestors tried to master in the rooms of their small farmhouses with grimy ceilings in the bluish light of the winter evenings – fast, playful and able to move further on from the set trajectory. In addition, creativity and ability to fastly react to situations, make Vurr always a strong and reliable partner.”

– Maarja Karmin, Swedbank

  • Rauno Kutti

    Creative Director, Vurr

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  • Brands

    Swedbank, DC Shoes, Eesti Terviserajad, Taffel, Kalev, Carlsberg, Tuborg, Pro Kapital, MINU, Värska, Aloha, Foorumi Hambakliinik, Garnier, Guinness, KesKuhu, ERR, Toiduliit, Upsteem, Jägermeister, Rock, Tiger Milk, Iiris, Ewert and the Two Dragons, Toyota, Lexus, A. Le Coq, RC Cola, Traditsiooniline Limonaad, RSA kindlustus, SEB, Exit Sport, Sportland, Zegul Marine