We are very happy to announce that Creative Union now includes the event management agency WOW Events! This means that once again we have experienced event marketing gurus in our company, who have a long history and will make a necessary additional contribution to the CU skill set.

How would we describe our new friends? They arrived with a bang and have it all: cuteness and expertise, productivity and professionalism, creativity and logic. More importantly, the new neighbors allow Creative Union to offer everything related to organizing high-quality events, in addition to other good things. While some on our floor like media plans and others TV commercials, the people in WOW are powered by words like “internal communications”, “conferences”, “major events”, “client events”, “strategic event planning” and “technical support and production”.. You can be more than sure they know so much about these topics as if they had invented them themselves.

We are very happy to have such cool neighbors and hope that Creative Union’s creative environment will give them many new bright ideas! And if your interest in high-quality event organization is longer than this article, find out more here: https://www.wowevents.eu/en/